Wednesday, October 19, 2005

24 weeks 2 days: boring medical update

weight: still down half a pound since the beginning of pregnancy.
blood pressure: 136/82 (I thought this was high, but the nurse and the NP both assured me it was normal. it has been around 120/60 throughout pregnancy...)
fetal heartrate: 156 bpm
fundal height: 26 cm according to the NP (the nurse who was new to the practice measured it at 30 cm.)

The NP said everything looked great. At first, she was a little concerned about the fundal size, until we looked again at the ultrasound measurements, and talked about the donor's size. She also was less concerned once she poked me and realized that there is still lots of room between my hips for the baby to continue growing, and that there is still a lot of room below my rib cage for the baby to spread in to. We talked about the glucose test, the flu shot, decongestants and indigestion.

Glucose test: I have the paperwork for it, and will go to the hospital for the testing at 26 weeks. It is a walk in testing appointment, so the NP suggested that I go immediately upon waking up so I am fasting. They will also do a CBC panel to check, among other things, iron.

Flu Shot: I asked, and the office does not routinely administer them, so NP said it is up to me to decide whether or not to get one, and then to schedule with the Health Department, my PCP, Student Health, etc. I thought it was interesting that they do not have a blanket policy of wanting their patients to get one. She told me it is completely up to us. We decided afterward that I should get one.

Decongestants: NP told me to go ahead and take Sudafed if my allergies and congestion continue. My blood pressure is low enough that they are not concerned about the increase in blood pressure that Sudafed can cause. She also suggested sleeping with a humidifier to see if that caused it to be better. I told her my ears have been popping in the pool, so we will have to see each day what we think.

Indigestion: Since the Tums seems to be helping the heartburn, she suggested that i continue taking it, and call if the maximum daily dose is not enough. She also recommended dropping my calcium supplement if I am taking Tums daily.

My next appointment is 11/15 at 2:30 for my 28 week appointment.


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