Wednesday, August 17, 2005

15 weeks 2 days: we have a heartbeat

routine pre-natal appointment

Dyke Two wasn't able to come with me because she had to work. I went alone, and was actually surprised at the number of people who remained in the waiting room instead of going into the examining room with their wife/gf/daughter.

Took my blood pressure, weighed me, urine sample. all were normal.

used the doppler to hear the baby's heartbeat. it was nice and audible, 150 bpm.

next appointment: Tuesday september 13 at 1:15

I realized this morning after I heard the heartbeat that I honestly thought the doctor would not be able to find it. i think that in my anxiety, I do such a good job of preparing myself for the worst that I truly expect the worst to happen.

I just assumed that the doctor would not find the heartbeat, and we would have to do an ultrasound. I don't think I had gotten to the point of assuming that the ultrasound would be bad news, but I definitely thought that the doppler would not help me.

I need to get that anxiety under control....

and, apparently, the trash can fairies fixed the broken trash can yesterday. we now have wheels on the can again.

who knew that my trashcan could become a part of my daily life like this??


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