Thursday, July 21, 2005

11 weeks 3 days: it's the little things...

Yesterday, Dyke Two and I went to get my cell phone replaced. About 13 months ago, I bought a new phone when I switched cell companies. I loved my phone for about 6 months, until the pin for charging it broke. The company replaced it for free, and i was satisfied until I discovered that everyone else in the world got better reception on their phones.

While we were away, the pin broke again, and the phone can no longer be charged. We went back to the store yesterday, where they offered to replace the phone with a third one of the same model. (Mind you, they no longer sell the phone--probably because it sucks).

However, the phone is no longer under warranty, so I am stuck with the cost of a replacement, and the company wouldn't give me a rebate because the equipment upgrade rebate in only offered every 24 months, and my phone was only 13 months old.

I told them I no longer wanted the model, and wanted a new phone. I briefly debated taking the crappy replacement, anticipating it breaking in the next six months, so that they would have to give me a new phone under the new warranty that the new crappy phone would come with.

As I came closer to tears--gotta love those pregnancy hormones,-- Dyke Two stepped in, and spoke to the manager. She knew I didn't want the crappy phone, and she knew I felt that I was being screwed out of a decent phone. She also knew that I was about to cave and either pay full price for a replacement or settle for the crappy one. They finally agreed to give me half of the 24 month rebate. About an hour later, Dyke Two and I walked out of the store with a really cool deep red phone for me.

It really is the little things that make me so glad that we got married.


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