Wednesday, July 20, 2005

11 weeks 2 days: Health Update

Tested negative for syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV.

A+ blood type, no anemia

Tested negative for toxoplasmosis.

Tested positive for all of the antibodies for my vaccines.

Had lost 7 pounds since last appointment. (but can't tell it in my clothes, so maybe it had more to do with constipation at the last appointment?)

Blood pressure was a little high for me: 128/80

The doctor didn't even try to listen to the heartbeat because it is still a little early, and he didn't want to freak me out. We headed for the ultrasound room instead, and saw: a little face, little hands and fingers and little legs as well as a nice strong spine. Dyke Two claims that the baby began to dance toward the end, as she announced, "They gave us the right sperm. Only a black baby would dance like that." The doctor didn't calculate the heartrate, but the baby measured 11 weeks 2 days, rather than the 10 weeks 5 days they were calculating at the last appointment.

I was told to take iron gluconate and calcium+D. We discussed protein options, and the theory that too much peanut and soy exposure in utero might be correlated with peanut allergies later. (We are going to check into peanut allergy rates in African-American babies to see if this is something we are going to be concerned about before making a final decision).

The doctor also gave me a prescription for a powder since I have a terrible rash under my left breast, which he says is a fungal infection (eeewwww) due to the increased growth and the moisture in all the heat.

next apppointments:

August 1 at 9:00 am for the nuchal ultrasound.

August 17 at 9:45 for the next routine OB.


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