Wednesday, June 01, 2005

LMP: 4 weeks 2 days and counting

After a few days of questionable results on home pregnancy tests, I finally caved and took a digital test on Memorial Day. I nearly tripped on the pile of dirty laundry near the bathroom door as I waved a urine-soaked test with the word "pregnant" in the window over Dyke Two's still sleeping body.

I am not sure that this has really sunk in for either of us. My breasts are larger, my veins are more prominent, and my nipples continue to be sore and swollen. I went to sleep at 9:15 last night, and still dragged myself out of bed. Thank god I only have a couple more days.

We told my mom over the phone Monday night. She was excited, and is already planning to take some time off of work around the due date to help us out. We couched it as still early, but that signs were pointing toward a yes.

I am still scared that this is going to prove to be an ectopic, or that I am going to miscarry, but for now, it appears that little Red is happily snuggled in for a nine month trip.

I took my temps this morning, but not yesterday, and I haven't decided when I am going to stop. Part of me wants a warning if I am going to miscarry, but part of me doesn't want to stress myself out each morning worrying about what the temperature is.


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