Tuesday, May 24, 2005

CD23: It Was Only a Dollar...

I have had incredible nausea, and yesterday I had weird cramps in my uterus. I have also been crying at the drop of a hat, for the craziest reasons. OK, I admit it, usually for no reason at all.

My breasts are much sorer than usual, and I have spent many a moment holding them in my hands like I am checking tomatoes or melons for freshness, trying to determine if they are larger and have darker nipples. (They do feel larger, but the nipples haven't changed.)

So, Dyke Two made me take a HPT this morning. 8/9 dpo, going with the ovulation date I assigned from CM. 5 dpo (and with no chance of the sperm having met the egg) if we go with Fertility Friend's ovulation date.

We came up with a plan for testing last night:

today (just for practice)
saturday (which is the day before I would be expecting to bleed if I actually ovulated on CD14)
a week from Wednesday (which would make me late, even with the later o date)

As we sat in the bedroom waiting for it to finish "cooking" I said to Dyke Two, "If this is positive, it must mean that I am pregnant with twins because that is the only explanation for that much HcG to already be floating around my system." Of course, the more obvious explanation for my symptoms is that I am making myself crazy, and stressing myself out over imagined twinges, pangs and gas bubbles.

It was negative. Of course it was negative. Lesbian pre-mature ejaculation is a very painful, frustrating experience.


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