Wednesday, May 11, 2005

CD10 O minus 8 and counting.

I ordered the sperm last night. It was so easy. I think I expected to have to show them my breeding license or something, but instead, I just called, and asked for two vials of the stuff for pick up on Friday. The man on the phone agreed, confirmed the physical characteristics of the donor, and told me I can pay for it on Friday.

Trauma of the night involved mowing the lawn. I had both dogs outside with me, and one of them chased a squirrel. I thought nothing of it until all of a sudden, she had it in her mouth!! I yelled at her, and she dropped the now-dead squirrel half under the fence. I figured I could finish mowing and then go deal with it. Next thing I know, the other dog has it in his mouth. When I yelled at him to drop it, he proceeded to rip the tail off, and slurp it down like cartoon character with a strand of spaghetti. As I moved toward him, he chomped the rest of the squirrel down, fur, organs, head, skeleton and all. I woke up this morning still shuddering.

We spent about five minutes this morning checking my past charts for mucus descriptions, and were very relieved to see that, except for the weirdness on CD7 & CD8, everything is shaping up well. The jury is still out on whether or not I will use an OPK this month, but we will see. I will only do it if we feel it will ease our stress rather than add to it.

We watched the finale of the Amazing Race last night. All along, we have been rooting for Uchenna and Joyce, so we were heartbroken when they were so far behind everyone at the beginning of the episode. When they won, all four of us (we had our gayboys over for TV last night) were on our feet cheering. And then, when Uchenna said, "In vitro here we come!" I started to tear up. Next thing I know, all three of the others were wiping away tears too! As Dyke Two has said repeatedly, "There was something in my eye." All that jumping around must have dislodged dust, because everyone had it.

As we were going to sleep, it began to sink in to Dyke Two that we really have no idea of the exact timing for this. I think she is beginning to experience the lack of knowledge and control that caused me to freak out and begin charting and reading everything I could get my hands on. Now she is beginning to realize just how precise and unforgiving the whole process is. She is really doing well with the pressure, but as she said, "This is like going to the casino and putting all your money on red-17 and hoping for the best."

Let's hope it is a little more strategic than that...


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