Monday, May 09, 2005

The Calm Before the Storm

We had a really productive weekend. Saturday started with a trip to our favorite bagel place, which is the place to be on a Saturday morning. We ran into three or four people we knew while eating our egg sandwiches. (Incidentally--an everything bagel with egg, mustard, chedddar cheese and tomato from this particular bagel place is like the Holy Grail. So good that some mornings you just have to have it. On those occasional times when the combo doesn't mesh just right, the memory of the perfect one the week before leads you right back, just knowing that this time will be perfect. Saturday's was not perfect, but good enough to make me go back again). We got a little freaked out when some acquaintances of ours stopped us and asked if I was pregnant. We have only told a few people of our plans, and this couple had heard we were trying from a woman that neither of us had told. We gave a politely vague answer of "oh yes, we're trying sometime soon. hopefully this summer" and moved the conversation firmly in the direction of our upcoming wedding and their one year old son.

We then moved onto buying the material for our wedding outfits. (I keep wanting to call them costumes since neither of us is the type to get all dressed up.) We decided a few months ago that we would each pick out the style of clothing we wanted (me a long sleeveless dress, and Dyke Two a pant suit with a long knee length jacket), but would have them made in the same material to give us a polished, matching look without wearing identical outfits. We went to this awesome fabric store and found beautiful material at discount prices. It has re-awakened my desire to learn to quilt because all of his material is really cheap and really unusual. We settled for an ivory taffeta satin blend that is shiny on one side and matte on the other and is absolutely gorgeous. We also picked out a deep purple embroidered material that Dyke Two's shirt and my scarf/train will be made from. I can't see myself wearing a veil, but wanted something flowing behind me, so this is a good compromise. The materials are beautiful together and the purple matches both of our skin tones.

We then drove out to eat barbeque in the county where I grew up. It kind of freaked me out to see a yoga and pilates studio in what used to be a cow pasture, but the food is still so good. The turkey sandwich is heavenly enough to make this vegetarian eat it! So, I had my once every two year poultry fix, thought I'd died and gone to heaven eating their potato salad and drinking their limeaid and then we went next door to the newly opened bakery and ate strawberry cheesecake.

I spent Mother's Day playing soccer and mowing the lawn. Both are activities I really enjoy, and it kind of freaked me out to realize that the next time I do both of them I *MIGHT* be in the 2WW. It depends on when I ovulate--CD14 is next weekend, which is the earliest I have ever ovulated, so I am thinking I won't be in the 2WW until the following week. However, every jostle to my stomach on the soccer field, and every push of the mower made me think of an embryo cooking away inside me. I had planned to keep playing soccer until the 8 week mark, but I am not sure anymore. It is a good thing the season is almost over, because I think I would stress too much and end up quitting if we had more than the three more games on the schedule.

We also made the mistake of watching a special on Donor Sperm Banks, which depressed me because the families profiled were so intent on finding out their donor's identities, and felt that their lives were empty because they didn't know their donor. I don't think it is a typical experience, but it sure freaked us out.


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