Monday, April 25, 2005

Pregnancy Dreams

I had a pregnancy dream the other night. It was really the first one I had that was related to having a baby.

I had one a few years ago that didn't take a genius to figure out. It had nothing to do with having a baby. In it, I was in labor and when I got to the hospital, a particularly demanding and selfish friend of mine was already in labor and the doctors told me that I had to hold my baby in until I finished being her birthcoach. When I woke up that morning, I had really bad gas pains and bloating, so I am pretty sure the point of the dream was our relationship and not having a baby.

I had one a few months ago which was also only nominally related to having a baby. In it, I was pregnant, and so was a good friend of mine. We both had our babies, only I was then stuck watching her baby too because she kept forgetting hers in weird places. I think that the births were only nominal in that dream too, and again, it was more about the intricacies of our relationship.

However, two nights ago, I had a dream that was clearly about me trying to get pregnant. In it, I was invited to a breakfast meeting between the members of the school board and my colleagues I have met through the education association. The meeting was happening on the morning after I had done an insemination. I was late to the breakfast because I couldn't find the meeting room at a local hotel and no one had told me where the meeting was. I was driving around the hotel and looking in various rooms. By the time I got there, the meeting was over, and everyone had left. When I raced into the room, there was one person left who said, "We had to have the meeting without you because everyone else had to leave for work." I was very distressed that I was out of the loop. The person left in the room offered to fill me in, and take me to the next meeting, which was going to be a lunch in one of schools. However, I knew that I was going to have to go home and inseminate again, so I couldn't go to the second meeting.

As I said to Dyke Two when I woke up, "It doesn't take Freud to see the symbolism in this one."


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