Monday, April 11, 2005

Onto Plan C

After waiting an extra week to hear from Dyke Two's doctors with additional names of potential known donors, we took matters into our own hands, and have pretty much decided to try frozen, anonymous sperm instead of waiting for a new PKD to reappear. After getting over the sticker shock, we realized that by the time we dealt with the legal documents and the testing costs, the price will probably not differ considerably if I get pregnant in the first three months.

So, after searching online for possible donors, we settled on one from a bank near our house (well--near is a relative term. Let's leave it as driving distance.) The bank suggests having three ranked choices, but this guy is the only one we really liked. Let's just hope that when Dyke Two calls the sperm bank tomorrow, we will discover that all is OK with using him. If he is not available for some reason, I think we both will be far more discouraged than we were when PKD backed out.

If the conversation with the bank goes well tomorrow, Dyke Two will probably order the whole package of background info for the guy we like.


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