Tuesday, May 10, 2005

CD9: O minus 9 and counting

I have become increasingly obsessed with my cervical mucus this month. I am trying to put the fear of early O out of my mind. My temps did not increase this morning, even though I had flows of mucus both Sunday night and Monday lunchtime, and an increased sex drive Friday-Sunday. I have never been so happy to have my temp remain nice and low. Last night, I was getting wigged out because what had been crazy-adundant, stretchy mucus had dried to lotiony, sticky and very very scant. I was so afraid that my temps were going to be up this morning, and the sperm that still has to be ordered would sit for another month.

This morning, my cervix had inched its way up a little bit, and softened slightly, though there was still no mucus. Lunchtime, cervix was still elevated slightly, and still softish. But, the elusive CM had returned, and was at about the amount and stretchiness that I anticipate for CD9.

One of the books I use for reference claims that some women ovulate twice a month, but I still don't know that I buy it, even though it is a good explanation of what happened to me on CD7 and CD8. The thought of ovulating twice in a month seems so wonderful to me, but flies in the face of all medical science as I understand it. However, the authors are midwives who run a very successful clinic that helps women get pregnant, so for now, I will chalk it up to a mystery.

If we were using a known donor, he would have had his butt in our house last night, producing a specimen for us, but as it is, I have to assume that it was a freak incident.


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