Monday, May 16, 2005

CD15: Dyke Two Becomes Obsessed

About a week ago, I asked Dyke Two if I should buy some pregnancy tests when I bought the now useless and unused OPKs. She looked at me, and said, "How will we know if the results are valid?" I gave her a bit of an explanation of HcG and how some women get positives earlier than others, and how some women never get a positive on an HPT. Dyke Two, in her infinite wisdom, said, "Well, then I think we should wait until your period is like a month late." I am all about waiting as long as possible, but four weeks late??

Today, I was finishing up a report at work when the phone rang. I picked it up, and Dyke Two greeted me with, "Hurry up and get home. I want to check your cervix." An obsessor is born.

After she checked my cervix (closing up nicely, thanks for asking) she then said, "How soon can you test?" When I told her that I would be expecting my period in about 12 days, she looked skeptical. I suggested waiting until Memorial Day weekend, and she looked horrified. When she asked which test was most sensitive and reliable, I suggested she go to

She leapt out of the bedroom, and raced to the computer. We ended up at the Dollar Store, with 5 tests in our basket so I can take a test whenever she wants me too.

Our little obsessor grows up.


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