Monday, May 16, 2005

CD15 I plus 1 and counting: When the Universe Talks, I Try to Listen.

I lay in bed this morning crying because my temp was 95.8 the first time I took it. (yes, I said first. Don't tell Toni Weschler). I took it again, and it said 96.8--the same damn reading I have had for three days. So, I decided that this clearly meant that my thermometer needed a new battery. Good thing I am an obsessor, because I was able to just reach into the bedside table and pull out back up thermometer number 2, which gave me a reading of 96.9. (yes, I said back up number 2--the first thermometer of the day was back up number 1 since main thermometer's battery died two weeks ago. and yes, I do have not one, not two, but three thermometers in my bedside table. I told you I was an obsessor!!)

So, Dyke Two convinced me that we did everything we could, and to quote a friend of mine from high school, our mantra must be, "No fits later." I dragged myself out of bed, took a shower and went to school.

I logged onto Fertility Friend with the intention of putting in my temp and googling ovulation and slow temp rise, or no temp rise or something like that. For those of you who are not FF addicts like myself, FF has a neat little feature where a different question pops up each day, and you can click on it and read more about that particular issue. Today's question, I kid you not, was "I showed all the signs of ovulation, but my temperature didn't rise. Did I really ovulate?"

The answer: sometimes it takes 2 or 3 days for the egg to cause enough build up in progesterone for your temps to rise. Wait and see if you see an upward trend and keep trying. (While the keep trying part is irrelevant for us, I liked the part about 2 or 3 days before the temp rise). In fact, if you look at my chart from the last month I used this ovary, my temp was a very slow rise, which is masked by the fact that I fell asleep wearing way too much clothing the night of CD14.

Hot dog! The ball is still bouncing around! Come on red 17!!! Mama wants a new pair of shoes...


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