Thursday, May 19, 2005

CD18: Dyke One officially loses her mind

After spending two days cycling through thinking that

(a) I have not yet ovulated and am suffering from ovarian cysts and
(b) I am pregnant with triplets, quads or quints given the severity of the "symptoms" I am experiencing

I can safely say that I have lost my everlovin' mind.

Still no sign of a temperature shift, though fertility friend is inexplicably saying that I ovulated between CD5 and CD11.

The cervix has closed up tightly now, with creamy mucus.

I continue to feel nauseous, lightheaded and exhausted. I also have a metallic taste in my mouth, and am freezing cold right now, even though everyone else thinks the building is comfortable. i have taken a nap two days in a row. As Dyke Two said last night as I dragged myself out of bed to go to a meeting, "Either you have a virus or a parasite. Let's hope it is a parasite that will take 9 months to work itself out of your body."

Who knows? I spent time stalking the chart gallery on Fertility Friend, and was delighted to see people whose charts looked like mine and were not anovulatory.

I spent time reading up on the highly controversial concept of double ovulation, which is how I decided that clearly I am pregnant with triplets or quads. The theory states that some women will ovulate two or more times in a month, with many days separating the release of the eggs. It is not widely accepted by western medicine, but since it is the only possible explanation for my crazy chart that includes me inseminating anywhere close to when an egg would have been ready to hang with the sperm, clearly, I must have double ovulated.

The one thing I haven't done: scheduled the last of my IEP meetings.


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