Monday, June 20, 2005

7 weeks: first appointment

We had our first appointment. We met with the nurse practitioner who did a vaginal ultrasound. Red was dated as 6 weeks 4 days, with an EDD of 2/9/06. This is strange given the small window that frozen sperm lives, but for now, we are not too concerned. She also said that the dating process is inaccurate by nature, and that it isn't unusual for the EDD and gestational age to change throughout the pregnancy.

We saw the heartbeat, and have a beautiful little picture, which I need to figure out how to scan. The NP said that the heart rate of approximately 130 is good. nice and average--not too high or too low. Dyke Two was excited because the ultrasound machine ran out of printer paper, so the NP left her in charge of the probe while she left the room to get more paper and reload. (Dyke Two said it was payback because I got to run the MRI machine when she was sick last summer because the lab was understaffed).

The NP is also a lactation consultant, and she said I have "perfect breasts for breastfeeding." I am so relieved and excited to hear that.

We also answered a million questions about my medical history and the donor's medical history.

I have the paperwork for a blood draw and another urine screen so I can go at my convenience to have that done.

The office manager also said that she is pretty sure that the office will take my new insurance, so I won't have to switch doctors mid-pregnancy.

I was cleared for the exercise program I was planning for the summer, cleared for the metamucil, and was told that they anticipate me gaining 25-35 pounds, but that they won't be stressing about each pound gained. I was also told that my vegetarian diet is fine with them. It felt very low-key and relaxed. I don't think i will be pressured to conform to a specific weight gain model, or shamed if my gain is unusual. Given my frame size and current overweight status, I was glad to hear that.

Next appointment: Wednesday July 20 11:15 routine appointment

After that: August 1 9:00 ultrasound/nuchal translucency.


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