Tuesday, June 14, 2005

6 weeks 1 day: Finally feeling the effects

I just realized that my anxiety has really come back full swing. I spent the last week procrastinating on finishing up my paperwork for school. I thought I was just being lazy, until I realized that I did not want to make the phone calls to the parents, and admit that I was behind on my paperwork. I held all my IEP meetings (22-23 altogether), but did not properly follow up on the no-show parents, so I have 8 or 9 IEPs waiting for parental permission. Most of the follow up meetings have been scheduled, or messages have been left, but four numbers are not in service any longer, so I am going to have to go to my supervisor and apologize profusely.

Dyke Two and I went out for Korean food for lunch yesterday for an impromptu lunch date. It was so yummy, and seemed to be sitting nicely in my stomach. Until dinner.... the gayboys wanted to go for Mexican, so we headed to the university area (the only time you can go there is when the kiddos are gone) and had delicious Tex-Mex food. I thought it was sitting well in my stomach until about 20 minutes later, when apparently, the Koreans decided to make a hasty exit from the neighborhood after the Mexicans moved in. Even Kofi Annan (or my favorite previous UN head Boutros Boutros-Ghali) couldn't have brokered that peace settlement! I was gassy all night, and making trips to the bathroom. If you think you know gassy, trust me, you don't. I thought I knew gassy until last night.

All of that to say that food has been disgusting to me today, and I have had an apple. It is now 12:30, so I have to figure out something to put in my belly.

I am heading out soon to work the polls for the primaries today. I love the electoral process. Our delegate to the state legislature is retiring after a bajillion years, and he will be missed. This means that 3 people are fighting it out to replace him. My city is a one party town, so this is the real fight. November will just be a formality. I am volunteering to pass out literature for my candidate at the polls. I was up at like 6 am to go vote this morning because I am such a geek. I love voting!!! Ever since the 1996 election, when I was a 17 year old first year in college, and couldn't vote, I have sworn that I will vote in every single election that is available to me. And I have--even when I am casting a ballot for all uncontested races. I am so excited to bring a baby with me to vote soon. And I am so excited to work the polls in November for my gubernatorial candidate when I am almost done with my second trimester. (I have been in love with our lieutenant governor since the first time I heard him speak about 4 years ago). I have such fond memories of stuffing envelopes, passing out literature and flicking the switches for my mom when I was a kid. I can't wait to pass that excitement on to my kids.

Seriously, I would vote 5 or 6 times each election day if they would let me.


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