Thursday, July 28, 2005

12 weeks 3 days: if this is an adventure, we must be at intermission

There is so little to report. I am exhausted all the time, still dry heaving off and on during the day, and still trying to figure out how to stop the sciatica.

We bought a Snoogle over the weekend. It is awesome. Everyone who has come over has tried it out, and wants one for themselves. Dyke Two wants to return to BRU and buy one for her, after relentlessly teasing me about my crazy purchase all that day.

I am sitting on my pilates ball all the time, and it is definitely helping the sciatica, but I think that sleeping more supported and off my stomach is helping even more.

It has been so crazy hot here (like 115 with the heat index) but last night we had an enormous thunderstorm that broke the heat. The heat was so bad that we had actually moved into intermittent black outs because the power company couldn't meet demand. This morning it is overcast and much much cooler. I have been desperate to mow the lawn, but everyone has told me not to. They are worried about the heat and the baby. Dyke Two gave me her approval to do it today, so I am at least going to get the front yard done. You can barely see the political yard sign in the front yard because the grass is starting to pop over it.

Hounddog has apparently forgotten his housebreaking. We have gone through so much Nature's Miracle since we returned from Toronto. Of course, if he is locked in the kitchen when no one is around, he doesn't have accidents. This morning I woke up, and the dogs were loose, and there was an enormous puddle in front of the back door. Sigh. That room is the nursery, so I don't know what we are going to do to get the smell/urge out.

Edited to Add: I just finished mowing the front yard. It took forever because the grass was wet and so long and thick. The mower kept getting clogged and turning off. It ran out of gas once, and I went in to get cold water to drink twice. But, it is done, and it feels so good to have accomplished something physical, besides just going to the gym.

And now back to my regularly scheduled boring....


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