Monday, August 15, 2005

15 weeks 0 days: Taking out our trash

Funny thing about the trash can. After I wrote that journal entry on Friday, Dyke Two came stomping into the house Friday afternoon and announced that the trashmen had broken our trash can during the pick up on Friday. Not a big deal since our can did not cost $60, but a big deal since trash in our town has to have a sticker on it to get picked up. Our can has a yearly sticker, and it cost us over $100. I am not sure how we replace the can and remove the sticker to put it on a different can...

I had a bittersweet end of the week last week. I went to my old school to drop off some more stuff, and my principal had already heard about my pregnancy, since he greeted me with a huge hug and a congratulations. That was nice, but it was very weird to be back in the building but not a part of the process....

I am heading out for a Town Hall meeting this afternoon. Our lieutenant governor (and democratic candidate for governor) is speaking about his education plan at 4:30, and since he is my hero, I will be there with bells on to hear him speak. It will be nice to be a grown up again, with real clothes on, and talking to other people about bigger picture things instead of nausea, heartburn and back pain.


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