Tuesday, August 02, 2005

13 weeks 1 day: the heat is on...

UGH!! I thought that the heat wave had broken, and it is a good 10 degrees cooler than last week, but it is still 94 at noon. AND, our air conditioning has been funky all week, so the repair guys finally came today. Apparently, our coils have become completely covered in condensed ice, so we have to wait for it to thaw before they can come back (hopefully later tonight) to fix it. They think that when our filter got clogged because we forgot to change it (I have only lived in places with window units or management companies that do all that crap for you) the condensing started, and the cycle has been going on ever since. He said he could fix it for us and break the cycle. I am so glad that we have two wall units left over from the time before the central air was installed in 2003, so at least our house is relatively cool still.

My poor Orangedog decided that rolling in poo was a good idea this morning. Dyke Two decided that I can't clean her myself (the whole toxoplasmosis thing) so she left Orangedog outside when she left for work. I decided that since it was so hot, I couldn't leave my stinky girl out all day to swelter. (We had a teenager die of heatstroke last week, so I am nervous about a hairy, fur covered dog). So, I set up her old crate, turned on the kitchen wall air conditioning unit, and chased Orangedog around the kitchen until I finally was able to shove her into the crate. Hounddog watched with great amusement since he is the one who normally ends up in the crate. He's still peeing on the floor, and ate our vertical blinds in the kitchen last month.

Thankfully, one of the gayboys heard the story, and offered to come over and give her a bath. He adores our dogs, and said that as long as I helped keep her calm, he will get his hands covered in poo and soap for me. He is coming over after he eats lunch.

I get by with a little help from my friends...


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