Thursday, August 11, 2005

14 weeks 3 days: a holding pattern

I really have nothing to say. I went back to my old job last week and earlier this week to finish up some paperwork, and meet with people who are taking over some of my duties. It felt very weird to be there, but not be part of it anymore. I really am going to miss it, much as I am excited to start grad school.

For the most part, my nausea and fatigue have lifted. I am freaking out that something must be wrong, since I feel so good and am still not showing. I am glad I see the doctor next Wednesday for some reassurance.

I am worried about starting school again, since it seems that my brain has become completely addled this summer. I am losing words mid-sentence, struggling to make points, and forgetting important details. I am afraid that my new classmates and professors will find me a blithering idiot...


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