Thursday, October 06, 2005

22 weeks 3 days: What a great story...

Dyke Two and I went out for Vietnamese tonight at our favorite hole in the wall. While we were eating, my dad called. He had told me yesterday that he was going to call, and had called while I was at the library, so I didn't want to ignore the call. I answered it, and he told me that they were so excited because they were going to be grandparents again, and that yesterday was the happiest day of their lives because they found out that they were going to have five grandchildren.

I asked, "Five?" because I know that they only have three right now.

My dad said, "Yes, five. Guess who is having a baby 8 weeks after you."

I thought for a split second, since my stepbrother is not married or involved with anyone and my brother and SIL just sent me all their old baby stuff. "J &J?"

"That's right!"

My next question will sound weird to anyone who doesn't know my family's history...

"Is she pregnant?"


"Was it a surprise?"


Turns out, my stepsister and her husband are expecting their second baby. They had their first via surrogate a year and a half ago after five years of trying, two failed cycles of IVF, three miscarriages and a final diagnosis from the top fertility specialist at Yale of "unexplained hormonal imbalance." The doctors told them that she would never carry a baby to term.

Now, with no medical intervention, she is 14 weeks pregnant and just had a healthy, clean ultrasound.

Miracles really do happen.


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