Tuesday, August 23, 2005

16 weeks 1 day: Kickin' it on the way to school

I think I felt the baby move today. I stopped for breakfast on my way to school today. After wolfing down my bagel with cheese and a large lemonade, I parked in the commuter garage, and began the 10 minute walk to class. The road is a pretty busy street, and there were lots of trucks going by. My bag was rubbing/bumping against my stomach as I walked, and each time a truck passed me, my stomach felt like there were bubbles popping to the right of my navel. It was perfectly timed with the rumbles from the trucks. I just kept rubbing my stomach, and then the bubbles would stop until the next truck came by.

Dyke Two is doing an all day training session, so I can't call and tell her. I wanted to call her as it was happening, but I didn't think it was an "emergency" that warranted interrupting the training.


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