Wednesday, October 05, 2005

22 weeks 2 days: we have genitalia...

...and they are boy parts.

The ultrasound was so wonderful. It was truly amazing to see the baby so close and detailed. Unfortunately, the 3D shots were disappointing. The baby sort of looked like a potato. The doctor said it is because of the placenta being anterior, so the baby's face doesn't have a lot of amniotic fluid surrounding it. Apparently, the amniotic fluid is what actually makes the details come alive.

The doctor wasn't too concerned about how big he was, even though he is measuring two and a half weeks ahead of schedule. The donor is a large man, and I am a large woman, so the doctor kind of expected it.

I am worried about delivering now! Nobody would tell me how big his shoulders were....

In non-medical, but still pregnancy related, news, we spent about 20 minutes on the phone this afternoon with GLAD (the New England GLBT rights group). We were really disappointed to hear that they don't think that giving birth in CT, MA or VT will solve our problem. Apparently, in Connecticut, they are not planning to change the birth certificates to have two moms or two dads on them, despite their civil union law.

In Massachusetts and Vermont, they are still recommending that families go through a second parent adoption to really guarantee parental rights to the non-biological parent. We are really torn. We might still go have the baby in Vermont with my aunt and uncle in Burlington, and then bring back the birth certificate for a legal challenge. We also need to talk to the folks at our state group. And, the guy from GLAD told us that if Connecticut decides to put two moms on a birth certificate, we will still need to register for a Connecticut civil union! Our marriage license from Canada is meaningless in Connecticut.

It is days like this that just sort of sneak up on us. We go through life 95% of the time feeling incredibly accepted, supported and normal. Then, things like this come along that really pull the rug out from under us.

Much as it hurts, we have to keep remembering that we brought this baby into the world knowing that society was imperfect, knowing that there would be struggles ahead for our family, and knowing that we were strong enough to handle them. And, our baby will be loved, cared for and cherished by our friends and family. The rest of the world can go to Hell.


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