Friday, October 07, 2005

22 weeks 4 days: Kick for your momma

Last night we were lying in bed trying to wind down from the excitement of J&J's pregnancy, some stress that Dyke Two is dealing with at work, and the changes in my schedule that allowed us to go out to dinner instead of going to class. I began to feel Red really moving around and kicking.

For about a week now, every time Red kicks, I have been asking Dyke Two to feel my stomach. A few times I have thought I felt Red kick from outside my stomach, but it is hard to tell for sure, since I am also feeling it inside. Last night, she laid her hand on my stomach, and over the course of three or four minutes felt three solid kicks.

Of course, that didn't allow us to wind down. Instead, we became even more geared up and excited.

Good thing we didn't have to be anywhere too early this morning....


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