Monday, February 13, 2006

41 weeks: Glad I am not the betting sort...

Monday morning, and I can officially say that Red will not be born this weekend.

I am trying to remain optimistic, but it can be a struggle. We see the doctor on Wednesday, so the hope is still there that Red will be born before that appointment. Last night, we thought we were almost there: an hour and a half of contractions at 10 minutes apart. With each contraction, there was a distinct knocking on my right hip. I will have to ask the doctor if this is normal, or if it is a sign of a "bad" fit.

I am really struggling with the concept of being induced. I don't want to force him out if there is no reason to, but the two things that are beginning to weigh heavily on my mind are:

1. Is my chronic mild hypertension causing the placenta to deteriorate?

2. Are the knocks against my hip demonstrating his difficulty in getting down into my pelvis for a safe vaginal delivery?

While I am all about trusting my baby and my body to spontaneously labor when the time is right for both of them, there is a time when a kid (and a body) need some outside intervention.

So many questions for the doctor on Wednesday...


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