Monday, February 06, 2006

40 weeks 0 days: What's going on in there??


It seems we are no closer than we were two weeks ago. I thought I was having some promising contractions, but now it appears that this little stinker has run out of steam again. Apparently, he takes after Mom: a spurt of energy, fueled by a million good intentions, then a rapid running out of steam that requires a couple of days for rejuvenation. I am hoping that a walk Downtown in the sunny weather might motivate him to come on out tonight.

In other news, the insurance company has denied the first half of my claim for the double vision extravaganza. Apparently, they won't cover the fact that I started the adventures by going to the optometrist. Had I known that the optometrist wasn't covered, we might have started at the emergency room. I shudder to think what the bill would have been from the ER, and what might have happened: MRI, which would have meant emergency c-section, which might have led to a NICU stay. But, clearly, a $189 bill from the optometrist is not medically necessary. Clearly, there were more cost effective ways to handle the whole double vision excitement.

The kicker is that they are covering the appointment after the optometrist, but they currently have it coded as having been a visit to the dialysis center. Apparently, an optometrist isn't covered, but any pregnant woman (without kidney problems--mind you) can waltz into a dialysis center and get treatment.

For the record, I did not see a nephrologist that afternoon. I saw a neurologist.


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