Thursday, February 02, 2006

39 weeks 3 days: Note to self...

Dear Self,

When 39 weeks pregnant, the best way to celebrate one's successful preliminary exams is not to start reading about disgruntled parents of donor conceived children and the medical problems they unexpectedly inherited from their donors.

Especially when one can find examples of sick children from the bank one used, complete with irate parents who feel that the bank hid information from them.


Very Pregnant Self

Seriously, Dyke Two is not nearly as upset about these recent finds of mine. I am not sure why that is. Perhaps it is because she is more concerned about the pile of laundry sitting in his crib, or the dirty dishes accumulating in the sink (I really do think that our nesting instinct is broken.)

I have to admit, I have had a morbid sense of relief that the problems I have read about are occuring at more than one sperm bank, so I can't blame myself for picking a "bad" bank. I also have a sick sense of relief when I read about these donors and their physical descriptions and say to myself, "Well, our donor is a different race than that one."

Obviously, this thought process is ridiculous, since dishonesty is dishonesty, and it effects all of us, not just the users of the specific sperm. But, in that selfish, me-centered way that pregnant women get as they near the end of their pregnancies, it still makes me feel better.


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