Friday, January 27, 2006

38 weeks 4 days: Another appointment...

blood pressure 140/78
urine clean
heartrate 145
weight up 1.5 (10.5 pounds total)
uterus 38

The GBS test was negative. What a relief! No IV needed unless something goes wrong...

This whole pregnancy, I have said that my due date is Feb 6, and the doctor has said Feb 9. Well, today, he said, looking at his chart, that it is Feb 8, so I guess I am between 10-14 days from my due date...

He did not do another internal, but said he will do one next week. He said everything looked great, that the dilation and effacement I had is probably continuing, so I should just keep doing what I am doing. He mentioned that since my uterus has been the same height for a few weeks, yet i am clearly still gaining weight and baby is still growing, he must have moved into my pelvis at least a little bit.

And then he said, "Well, we'll see you next week. Unless we see you at the hospital before that!"

Next appointment: February 3 at 3:15. We also have an appointment with the pediatrician at 4:30 on February 3. I am not too worried about what the pediatrician says in this "pre-natal interview." I just want to give them a heads up that I had a weird neurological issue in pregnancy, so that the peds can monitor the baby for neurological functioning in the early days of his life.


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