Friday, January 06, 2006

35 weeks 4 days

We finished our Childbirth class last night. I was strangely comforted by the fact that the instructor said that 20% of women experience post-partum depression, and that her experience is that while women with a previous history of depression/anxiety are at greater risk, they are also better equipped to handle it.

We talked to the instructor directly about our concerns about her language, and she admitted that she caught herself, and had wanted to be inclusive, but habit often kicked in before she realized it. We told her that we learned so much from her, and really enjoyed the experience, but that we are hoping that the hospital will provide instructors with better diversity training. Luckily, she understood and didn't take it personally. Dyke Two is such the diplomat. You'd think it was her job or something...

The hospital tour was also very exciting. We got to see the labor, delivery and recovery rooms, the nursery and get lots of reassurance that the things we want for the birth are routine: rooming in, visits from the lactation consultants, immediate breastfeeding, delayed newborn testing, having it done in the room, not the nursery, waiting to cut the cord until it stops pulsing, lots of opportunity to move during labor, perineal support, mama-led pushing, etc.

I just got an email from the executive director of the state gayrights group. I nearly lost it a few days ago when I heard that a bill is being introduced to prevent unmarried women from accessing "medical procedures" to get pregnant. No ultrasounds for ovulation, no IUIs, no donor sperm, no IVF, no fertility testing. She asked me to consider coming to Lobby Day to speak at the press conference. the only problem is that Lobby Day is scheduled when I am 38 weeks pregnant. I really want to be there, but I am not sure that Dyke Two and my OB will be as excited as I am.

I think Red is excited about Lobby Day. He has been dancing around in there since I got the email.


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