Thursday, December 08, 2005

31 weeks 3 days

Two classes down, three to go. I am in good shape with the paper due on Monday, and pretty good shape with the paper due on Tuesday. Tuesday's take home, let's not talk about it. The project due on Thursday, let's really not talk about that. my laundry? forget it. dishes? let's not even go in the kitchen. my car inspection that is now 8 days overdue? i just won't park on the street, so that they can't ticket me.

We went to see a friend's new baby Monday night. He was about 28 hours old when we saw him. So cute. Dyke Two freaked out when he cried as his diaper was being changed. I laughed. Does this make me some sort of unfeeling freak??

I finally caved and ate a donut for breakfast this morning. Actually, I ate a cherry-cinnamon bear claw and a blueberry donut. Full disclosure. Don't ever accuse me of lying by omission. That lady at the donut shop is so nice, but damn her! I was all set to just eat my bear claw, and she had to go and ask, "Would you like anything else?" Who asks a pregnant woman in front of a donut display a question like that?? Of course I would LIKE something else. And of course, those blueberry ones have always been my favorite. So, a blueberry donut and a bearclaw later, and Red spent the next three hours doing a tumbling floor exercise in my uterus. My cervix and bladder served as the trampoline, and I think my ribs are somehow the uneven parrallel bars. Maybe the horse, I can't tell. After the gymnastics, it appears he has moved on to a cheerleading routine, because I swear I am feeling 4 distinct limbs kick and move. He might have even invited a friend over, because there are times when I think I feel 8 limbs.

We have our second childbirth class tonight. Dyke Two can't come because she has a meeting, so I asked my mom to come with me. I almost asked a friend but I thought it might confuse the teacher to see me with a different black woman.

When I told my mom that the topic was early labor, she replied, "Oh, that's the part of labor I never realized was happening."

I guess I really need to listen tonight and take notes. Really good notes.


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