Monday, November 14, 2005

28 weeks 0 days: Feeling like garbage...

I just realized just how crappy the last two weeks have been. I was at the doctor Saturday morning because my throat and ears hurt so much that I was sobbing Friday night. The nice doctor on call put me on amoxicillin for tonsilitis. I feel so much better than I did for the last two weeks!

I am still stressed about the glucose test, since amoxicillin can cause false positives on urine screens for protein and for glucose tests. I am going to try and make a deal with the doctor. I will get tested for it after thanksgiving and until then I will check my blood sugar four times a day with Dyke Two's meter. I am hoping he agrees to this, or else I will get tested first thing next tuesday morning...

My mood is much better. I think I hadn't realized how sick I actually was. It really can sneak up on you. I also seem to have pulled a groin muscle. It hurts so much to walk right now. The scary thing that happened today was that I had a migraine while sitting in class. I've only had two other migraines, and luckily, my migraines are mainly ocular, with little headache pain afterward. However, as my vision got worse and worse, and the room got darker and darker, I was getting more and more freaked out. I almost called Dyke Two at the break, but once I got up and walked around a little, the vision stuff got better, and the headache kicked in. My head hurt for about an hour, and then everything was OK, though it still hurts when I cough.

The icing on the cake is that I have been having a combination of braxton-hicks contractions and intestinal contractions from constipation. Saturday I had to leave Lowe's because I was having such bad cramps. Turns out, once we got home, that all I really needed was to pass the mountain that was sitting in my intestines...

All in all, I am really glad I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

My father and stepmother called over the weekend to tell us how excited they are to see us next week. Apparently, they have a box of stuff waiting for the baby. My father told us he wants to give us "Goodnight Moon" but that my stepsister said not to, because everyone gives "Goodnight Moon" and she got three copies for her son. So, my father tells my stepmother to take one of the copies from stepsister's house. My stepmother told him that she didn't feel comfortable asking for one of them. My father responded, "You don't have to ask or tell. She'll never notice." I guess I will have to ask my parents if the box of stuff is all legit. Who would have thought that I might be receiving stolen goods from my parents?

I also found out that my stepsister is having a girl this time. Since her son wore all very boy clothing, there is no way that they can re-use his baby clothes for the little girl. My stepmother told me that she is going to make her give us a bunch of her infant clothes.

Crazy family, the stress of finals, a horrible upper respiratory infection: it's beginning to feel a lot like Festivus!


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