Wednesday, November 30, 2005

30 weeks, 2 days: Gestational Diabetes--Negative

weight: up one half pound (3 and a half pounds total)
blood pressure: 136/84
uterus: 30 cm
baby's heartbeat: 145-150 bpm
urine: no protein
no swelling in feet or hands

We saw Dr. W today, and he is even more laid-back than Dr. T. He wasn't worried about the blood pressure, especially after hearing that it is lower than that at home. We went over the results from the glucose test, which was normal for all four measures: 78 fasting (95 limit), 170 one hour (185 limit), 150 two hour (155 limit), 79 three hour (can't remember limit, but I was well under it.)

We also talked about the migraine I had two weeks ago, he wasn't concerned. He said that everything looks fine, that the braxton-hicks and pressure I am having are normal, and that as of now, everything is going great. He said that there is a chance that we will do another ultrasound, but if everything is going this smoothly, we will probably skip it.

Next appointment: December 13th, 3:15.


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