Tuesday, November 15, 2005

28 week appointment: I love my doctor...

blood pressure: 136/88 (yikes!)
weight: +3 and a half pounds (3 pounds from beginning weight)
uterus: 30 cm
baby's heartrate: 143 bpm
urine: normal, no swelling in feet or extremities

Can I just say how much I love my doctor?? He is this great man from Sri Lanka, so he has this wonderful accent, and even though he is a high risk doctor, he totally doesn't get worried. I asked him about my blood pressure, and told him it was 120/70 on Saturday. he said, "It's a little high. if it stays that high, if it is consistently 90, 91, 92, we'll put you something, a little something, to bring it down. Now is the time when your blood volume and pressure increase. Worry, or don't worry, your numbers will be what they are." Since my urine was normal, and my feet aren't swelling, he isn't too concerned yet. He asked us to take my blood pressure at home and see what happens. We think it is just because I was nervous about the appointment.

We talked about the glucose test, and he agreed that I should wait until next week to take the test. Next Tuesday I will take it, and then we talked about the person I will go to if I am diabetic. it is the same diabetes educator that we saw for Dyke Two last summer. Somehow it made us feel better to know we already know her. He also said that it is very likely that the bacterial infection caused the high readings.

He asked to see me in 2 weeks for a 30 week appointment to discuss the blood sugar. He also said that if my blood pressure is still high, and I am still measuring big, he might do another ultrasound to make sure everything is OK.

Next appointment: November 30 at 2:45.


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