Thursday, December 01, 2005

30 weeks 3 days

We started our Childbirth prep class tonight. There were 8 couples, 2 of whom (besides us) were inter-racial. We were the only same-sex couple, but there were two couples who definitely were very liberal/crunchy (yoga practicing artists). Given the city we are in, this is not a surprise to us. The instructor told us that she birthed her second baby squatting on the floor after the nurse at our hospital suggested it. We were very relieved to hear her talk so freely about positioning, movement, etc. She sprinkled in a lot of relaxation techniques too, so it wasn't like information-overload, or too much touchy-feely stuff. Our one complaint? After I specifically introduced Dyke Two as my wife, and received some smiles from the other couples, she INSISTED on talking about daddies, gentlemen, husbands whenever talking about the non-pregnant part of the couple. I know it is habit, I know it is accurate for probably 90% of the birthing teams who take the class (most of the 10% i am thinking of are single moms with a family member as their coach). But, it was like having a pebble in your shoe. The two crunchy couples were rolling their eyes everytime she said it. Dyke Two and I are trying to decide if we should say something...


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