Sunday, December 11, 2005

31 weeks, 6 days

I am officially freaking out about my finals. I finished one paper (due Monday), and have all the notes ready for another (due Tuesday). I even have the basic jist of what i will say in the take home exam (due Tuesday). I have all of my photos ready for the project due Thursday, and know where I am going to find the historical images for that same project.

But, I just don't see how the take home and 20 page paper will both get finished before 5 pm on Tuesday with a doctor's appointment thrown in at 3:15. I need to plan on finishing (and printing) both of them by 2:30 so i can run them across town before my appointment. I might email them to the professor and tell him I will get him the hard copies after my appointment, but just in case the appointment runs late, I wanted him to have the digital copies.

Anyway, I wouldn't be freaking out if it weren't for the fact that I am behind in the schedule I created for myself. By this time today, i was hoping to have finished the paper due tomorrow, the pictures for the project due Thursday and the take home due Tuesday. Really, I am only behind on the take home, which has a 3 hour time limit, so in truth, I am only 3 hours behind. But, still, I freak out.

Dyke Two has been so wonderful throughout this freakout. She has cleaned the kitchen, made me breakfast, made me dinner, brought me snacks, drove me around for my picture taking yesterday, done some laundry (and only washed one pen in it, so that only two pairs of pants now have purple ink all over them) gone to the grocery store, borrowed the digital camera from her office for me, and loaded all of the pictures from the camera onto my computer.

Really, the only thing I should be freaking out about is what i would do if she ever got tired of my lazy, procrastinating self....


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