Tuesday, December 13, 2005

32 weeks 1 day

Dyke Two has been hit with the nesting urge. Actually, so have I, but I have to finish the semester before I do anything. At the beginning of finals, my to-do list included:

Stats Final
Teaching Evaluation Project
Teaching Evaluation Final
Qualitative Research Project
Seminar Paper
Seminar Take Home
History of Education Project

Now, it looks like:

History of Education Project

What a good feeling. Of course, I haven't posted my list of baby to-do things, or holiday to-do things because they would just spiral me into a deep depression tinged with panic.

It was very cute yesterday. One of the gayboys came back to town for the month from graduate school about 3 hours away. He arrived and was horrified that the walkway still had ice on it from last week's snow. Whatever. I am tremendously well-balanced on my feet, and haven't really been going outside in the dark, so the ice hasn't been frozen when I've walked on it. Gayboy immediately took the snow shovel and chipped a path to the car for me. He came back in the house and said, "I didn't do it for you. I did it for my nephew." Later in the evening, while I was working on my paper, he was able to come in and watch and feel the baby move, to which he shrieked like a little girl.

I am in the midst of trying to print out my take home and final paper for my program seminar. Unfortunately, our POS computer that only gets used for printing and web surfing decided to go nutso on me and won't open my email anymore. So, I had to set up my laptop for printing and download the right driver. Stupid, stupid technology.

The results from our routine OB appointment at 32 weeks 1 day

blood pressure: 120/72
urine: normal
heartrate: 132 bpm
uterus: right on track (i guess that means 32cm)
weight: up a half pound (4 pounds total)

We saw Dr. T, though he was running really late because there was a woman in labor at the hospital and he needed to check in with the nurses before he saw me. He suggested that we call for an appointment with the pediatrician, which we will do as soon as we get the insurance figured out. He suggested requesting Peggy for one of my next couple appointments so we can talk about breast feeding and labor and delivery since she is both an OB nurse one night a week and one of the four lactation consultants for the hospital (and a mother of 5, not sure how she does it all).

Next appointment: December 29 at 11:45.


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