Wednesday, December 21, 2005

33 weeks 2 days: Life with the Dogs

This has been the week of the vet visits. I took Orangedog in on Friday, and had to carry her almost 70 pound rear end into the office, since she refused to go in the door. Her bill of health came back clean as a whistle, despite the trauma of getting her ingrown claw dug out of the pad of her foot.

Yesterday was Hounddog's turn. Dyke Two met us up there so that I wouldn't have to lug his butt into the office. Turns out he has gained almost 10 pounds in a year. The vet strongly recommended a diet for little Hounddog.

But she also drew blood for his heartworm/lyme/erhlichia test. And he tested positive for ehrlichia.

Now he needs to go back next week for a complete CBC panel to see if the ehrlichia is in the active phase or dormant phase. If it is dormant, then it will clear up on its own. If it is active, and causing trouble, then he will need a round of strong antibiotics.

Poor little guy. First a diet, now possible medication. Life is hard when you are Hounddog.


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