Tuesday, December 27, 2005

34 weeks 1 day: Headaches and Swelling

Two good friends of ours have just had their babies in the past week. Both have used frozen sperm too, and one baby was almost 10 pounds, and the other was over 10 pounds! (and almost 22 inches long!) Now I am afraid.

Very afraid.

I went to see the doctor today, because I have been having more swelling in my feet and hands, which I assume is normal for 34 weeks pregnant (and eating too much sodium in the past few days. Hanukkah requires Chinese food and fried potato pancakes and matzoh ball soup. Not a holiday for the health conscious.) The Chinese food is a minhag (tradition--not religious) but the latkes and soup? You have to eat that. When I realized that I have had a headache for 48 hours, and swelling, I called the doctor. We checked my blood pressure last night and it was fine, but better safe than sorry.

The results of our unscheduled OB appointment:

blood pressure: 148/84
urine: clean of proteins
heartrate: 150s
uterus: "he's really growing in there!" (no specific measurement, but I assume that means 34-36 cms)
weight: up 3 and a half (7.5 pounds total)

We saw Dr. T again, after calling this morning to ask about the headache and swelling. I have had the headache for 48 hours and it didn't respond to Tylenol and caffeine. He said that everything looks fine, and diagnosed the headache as a migraine since it is on one side of my head and has lasted so long. He prescribed codeine and caffeine, a long nap and side lying for the next couple days. No official bedrest/doctor's orders to take it easy, just common sense rest and relaxation as much as possible. We cancelled Thursday's appointment.

Next appointment: January 12 at 10:45.


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