Monday, January 02, 2006

35 weeks 0 days: I don't know how she does it...

I have realized in recent weeks that I am suffering from an almost paralyzing indecisiveness. I am sure it stems from my anxiety. I have seen it manifest itself in my freaking out about the circumcision, in my inability to settle on sleeping arrangements, on my freakouts about what type of sling to order (the list could continue, but I will spare you all the details). Thank goodness for Dyke Two. She is the ultimate procrastinator, but once she makes up her mind to do something, she does it.

So, this weekend, we ordered a crib. I have been hemming and hawwing about the crib for weeks. Dyke Two looked at my list of possible cribs and picked one. Five minutes, start to finish. We chose the recommended "good" one from the Baby Bargains book, and ordered it from Then, we had to buy a mattress. I had a whole long list of possible mattresses. We drove up to Target (a trip that we often delay because it is soooooo far from our house, up through the congestion and sprawl that is the northern part of our city. We could take the backroads from our house in the south east area up to Target, but the road is so curvy that it makes me motion sick, so we must travel along the busy congestion shopping center-lined road that is the bane of our city).

So we get to Target, and I am freaking out trying to decide which mattress to buy. Dyke Two pulls the two (yes, I was freaking out deciding between two mattresses) that are in stock off the shelf, and presses on them. She announces that there is no difference in firmness. She reads the number of coils in each mattress, and picks up the cheaper of the two, which has the recommended number of coils, and puts it in the cart.

Off we go to toiletries to buy post-partum pads. I won't even go into the 30 minutes I spent in the feminine hygiene aisle. But, suffice it to say, I have worn tampons since my first menstrual experience, and pads are something I have never considered before. We bought some though, after Dyke Two returned to the area, and grabbed something and put it in the cart.

But, this morning is when she really saved the day. I have been freaking out about diapers. Freaking out. Disposables? Cloth? If cloth, do we buy our own or use a diaper service? The choices are so staggering that I have been going along in life, apparently assuming that an elimination communication diaper-free baby is in our future. Not that we were choosing this, but because Red would arrive and would end up diaper-free by default because his mother was too neurotic to buy him something to cover up his cute little ass.

So, Dyke Two called the diaper service in town, and talked to the very nice woman who runs the service. She hung up the phone, and said, "We have four weeks of service lined up."

The skies opened up with the swell of the heavenly chorus. "The perfect solution" I exclaimed in my head. "If after 4 weeks, we love it, we can keep going. If we hate it, we can switch to disposables. And, after he is out of newborn sizes, if we are totally loving the cloth, we can buy our own."

I just keep shaking my head, as I realize again that Dyke Two really comes through when I need her to. I guess I can forgive her for her computer game obsession.


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