Friday, January 20, 2006

37 weeks 4 days: Sticks and Showers

We had an appointment yesterday with the NP.

GBS test--yum.
Internal check: 50% effaced, fingertip dilated.
Uterus: 38 cm
Blood pressure: 145/86
heartrate: 150s
weight: up 3 and a half (9 pounds total)

The NP also sent me to get a blood draw to make sure that the vision stuff and headaches are not due to blood pressure/pre-eclampsia. So, I was swabbed with a q-tip in my hooter and bumhole, poked in the cervix by the NP. (I think she used three fingers) AND I was poked in the arm by a needle, drawing TWO vials of blood.

After all those invasions of my personal space, we also had a shower. Dyke Two's office hosted it. It was so sweet. Dyke Two had never been to a shower before, and she was completely overwhlemed. She cried. Twice. Maybe three times.

In her defense, this is a pretty traditional office, and the support and acceptance of her as a mom was really nice.


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