Wednesday, January 25, 2006

38 weeks 2 days: Cover Your Ass

Red finally has diapers. We met with the diaper lady yesterday, and have 70 diaper service cloth diapers and 7 eensy-weensy diaper covers sitting in the dining room.

Red also has a doctor. We have an appointment for next Friday to meet with the pediatrician. We are beyond lax about it, especially since the office has a legion of doctors, so it is just a matter of finding one we like. And, if he comes before the appointment, the office will still do his hospital exam, so we're feeling pretty good about it.

Oh, yeah, and my blood work came back normal. No signs of pre-eclampsia, liver problems, kidney problems, or sugar issues. As Dyke Two said, "I knew all along it was all in your head."

In non-baby news, my pre-lim paper has been turned in. Now I just need to read and critique the journal article and create my presentation about it and my paper.

I am actually hoping that Red stays in place until February 2nd, since the lesbian baby shower is this weekend, and my prelim meeting is Feb 1.


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