Tuesday, January 31, 2006

39 weeks 1 day: the waterworks have begun...

...but I am not talking about amniotic fluid. No, unfortunately, I am talking about a level of emotionality previously unheard of by humankind.

It started with an email from the rabbi, suggesting that I convert the baby during the bris so that a mohel can do it. I freaked out for numerous reasons that have been rehashed a million times. I cried while reading the email, I cried for an hour or so after reading the email, I cried so hard after we had gone to bed that I woke Dyke Two up. I cried two more times in the middle of the night. When I woke up this morning, I cried again.

Then I picked up a birthing book, and cried while reading a birth story. I checked my email, and cried while reading an email from a friend.

I took the car and carseat to the fire department for installation. They told me that my car wasn't a great choice for a car seat because the back seat is so small. You guessed it, I cried...

Dyke Two came home for lunch and told me that her HR folks told her that if we can get the courts to award her a custody agreement, then she can put him on her health insurance. Yep, more tears...

Then Dyke Two told me that she was talking to one of the assistant principals at one of the elementary schools after their meeting this morning, and mentioned to her that I had been crying for the better part of the last 15 hours. She said, "Oh, that happened to me right before I went into labor."

When Dyke Two told me that, we both cried.


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