Wednesday, February 01, 2006

39 weeks 2 days: the preliminary exam...

...and I passed. Paper was fine. My interpretation of the journal article was acceptable. (I said it was crap--and the committee agreed).

We talked a lot about race and class issues in education, and that intervention and services are more important than placement.

We joked about needing to finish before the baby was born.

then, they kicked me out, and I went to pee.

then, they called me back in to tell me I passed.

One of the professors on the committee wants me to work with him this spring and summer on a needs assessment and survey of African-American parents of students with LD and the services the kids are currently receiving and the services the parents think that they should be receiving. And, he wants me to work with him next fall as a TA.

So, now, I just need to get this parasite out of me...


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