Friday, February 10, 2006

40 weeks 4 days: Will it be this weekend??

I have my money on sometime Saturday or Sunday.

Here is my reasoning:

1. Full moon Saturday night
2. First winter storm of 2006 is predicted for all day tomorrow.
3. My niece's birthday is Sunday. I came the day before her father's birthday all those years ago, so it just makes sense that my child would have the same need to upstage his child.

Yesterday, I ran into a former colleague at the post office while mailing packages. She asked when I was due, and I told her I was past due. She looked at my stomach, and said, "Yeah, he's pretty low in there." We exchanged niceties, and she left after I promised an email announcement upon his birth.

As I was leaving the post office after mailing my packages, I overheard one woman in line say to her friend, "I heard her say her due date was earlier this week. Can you believe it?"

I hope it was because I look good, and not because she thought I was crazy for running errands.


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