Wednesday, February 08, 2006

40 weeks 2 days: At least something is moving along...

Another doctor's appointment...

Blood pressure was still high, urine came back clean. Red's heartrate was good and strong, uterus was still growing. I gained a pound since Friday, so the little guy must still be gaining weight.

Internal exam showed no more dilation--still at 2 cm-- but the doctor said I am between 70 and 80 percent effaced now.

But what is really moving along is the stuff coming out of my intestines. I am hoping that my body is preparing for labor by cleaning house. maybe a biological nesting instinct??

The doctor told me that given my blood pressure, he wants me to "take it easy" and spend as much time as possible leaning back with my feet up.

It is hard to remain patient when you are supposed to lie around the house all day...


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