Monday, January 01, 2007

All is Quiet on New Year's Day

Of course, 2007 starts with us planning to get to the gym more, and restaurants less, to be more organized and have less chaos of dirty laundry, misplaced shoes and ignored budgets, but, really, we've achieved the things we truly want...

Last night, we had a little date night at home. I put Bigfella down for bed a little early while Dyke Two picked up take out from our favorite Italian place. I came downstairs to a nicely set table, candlelight, a bottle of red wine, and a delicious dessert. We watched a movie on HBO and headed up to bed about 11. We watched the ball drop on the bedroom TV, and toasted in 2007 with water in wineglasses (I drank the entirety of the bottle of red wine, so the champagne in the fridge was overkill by then). Bigfella woke up at 12:05 and came in to bed with us.

All three of us snuggled together, listening to Bigfella sigh and gulp as he nursed. As it got quieter (here in the Holler the New Year begins with gunshots and police sirens...) it began to rain. The rainfall just made our bed cozier and more inviting.

There was no place I would have rather been to usher in 2007: I was home, surrounded by love and tranquility. A full bed, a full heart...

...May all of you who are still seeking your full homes and hearts find that same peace, tranquility and love in the new year. May you usher in 2008 with all your dreams fulfilled.


At 10:26 AM, Anonymous JustLinda said...

A very happy new year to you, all of you. Full hearts and full beds are good things. You made me smile this morning.


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