Saturday, October 21, 2006

How we spent our Saturday...

So, as I posted many weeks ago, Dyke Two and I are drowning in clutter. We finally decided it was time to tackle the shed today. We opened the shed, laid stuff out on a tarp, and then dragged most of it to the curb. The plan was to post it on Freecycle that it was there, but, random people driving around the neighborhood stopped and milled around waiting for us to bring out more. As the day progressed, Bigfella transformed into a Holler baby. Our part of Smallcity is sometimes called "the Holler." It is near the stockyards, the trailer park and the sewage treatment plant. The morning started with Bigfella sitting in his Bugaboo, fully clothed, wearing a Seventh Generation diaper and eating organic babyfood. By early afternoon, he had lost his pants, his socks and shoes, was covered in dirt, and was wearing a generic diaper from K-Mart. So much for us gentrifying the neighborhood.

At one point, I burst out laughing while going through the piles of junk. I opened a box full of stuff that my old housemate left in our basement and found a small, unopened shipping box inside. I opened the shipping box and found a little toy. Thank goodness we found it before the neighbor guy we hired to help us out...

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At 9:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hooooeee, go roommate!


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