Wednesday, September 20, 2006

there's a reason I haven't updated...

...we're still sick.

Seriously, I seem to have a lovely wheezy presence in my lungs. Bigfella is now on his second round of antibiotics due to the ear infection he developed after the first round of antibiotics didn't do anything to stop the green mucus and chest rattling cough.

He spent the last two night screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night, so we cancelled our first appointments of the morning and went to the doctor.

Poor kid had one infected ear and one clogged ear.

Then, the daycare provider casually mentioned something that made me absolutely frantic. Apparently, they gave Bigfella a cupcake last month. Seriously, a 6 month old was given a cupcake, made with sugar, eggs, wheat and whatever milk or soy was in the frosting and fat used in it! And this in a daycare that has a policy that kids are only fed food provided by their parents. And a policy that parents be informed of all foods that their kids eat. And a policy that the information on the medical sheets be followed. And, yet, we only found out about the cupcake a month after he played with it. It was never mentioned on his communication sheet.

Thank G-d he didn't eat it. Thank G-d his allergies are not contact allergies. Thank G-d he doesn't seem to be anaphylactic to milk or soy.

And, thank G-d that Dyke Two's job is to mediate between angry parents and the schools. She had a lovely sitdown with the director, who was on vacation when the incident occurred. She promised us it will never, ever happen again. She realized that the center is damn lucky that he didn't react and that we aren't the litigious type.


At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is horrible, who in their right mind would give a baby a cupcake, and especially one that's not theirs and that they are in care for! Oh, I'd be so pissed too!!!!

Hope you all get well soon!

At 2:17 PM, Anonymous christie said...

That is horrifying!!! What kind of wacko gives a 6 month old a cupcake? (Dang, now I'm craving a cupcake..)

Hope you all feel better soon!

At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Liza said...

We had a similarly surreal moment a week or two ago! They gave Noah a popcicle. At least it isn't wheat, egg & dairy like a cupcake, but still! Sugar, artificial colors, maybe citrus, artifical dyes?


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