Thursday, July 27, 2006

Two scared mamas

We just got a phone call from a friend who spent a lovely evening with us and Bigfella planning our upcoming dance routine. (I haven't told you all that some friends and I have alter egos who are lounge singers. We channel our inner dragqueens and do highly choreographed performances). But, anyway, this particular friend, who is pretty anxious and high strung was crying as she told us she had just tested positive for pertussis after being exposed at work last week. (she didn't know she had been exposed when she spent the evening dancing with Bigfella).

I calmed her down, saying that it wasn't her fault, blah blah blah, but that I would call our pediatrician just in case. The phone nurse at the pediatrician's office said that we didn't need to worry unless he developed symptoms. We thanked her and hung up. About 15 minutes later, the Health Department called, and basically told us that the phone nurse was full of shit. She said that since Bigfella has only had two of the three vaccines for pertussis, we should really try and get him in for a sick visit tonight and get him checked and started on antibiotics.

So, I called the nurse back, explained the situation, and politely told her that the Health Department disagreed with everything she told us. So, she said she would talk to the doctor in the office, and call us back. That was almost an hour ago.

Bigfella woke up from a nap about 20 minutes ago, and is doing this sort of throat clearing coughy cry thing. We are getting more and more alarmed.

Even worse, now we have to face the fact that he may be about to go on antibiotics for something he doesn't have, simply because he might get it.

I hate feeling like no matter what we do, it's the wrong thing...


At 10:08 AM, Anonymous KatS said...

That sounds very scary. I feel sick every time something happens that I seem to have no control over, especially when it involves chemicals or medication that I'd rather avoid my kids needing or getting in contact with. A couple of weeks ago the apartment complex in which we are temporarily living came and sprayed pesticides! Without calling us first!

My son was necessarily on antibiotics twice at around Bigfella's age. i still don't like it, but I promise, time will heal this incident.

At 11:16 AM, Blogger hope said...

(puts on public health professional hat) From what I understand, pertussis is icky, but very treatable. Antibiotics in this case are a great idea as a preventive measure. I eagerly await updates. If he does develop symptoms, you two might want to go on antibiotics yourselves. A lot of adults are finding that their immunizations are wearing off with age.

At 10:33 AM, Blogger party b said...

How scary!

As for the antibiotics - little Hannah has now been on TWO bouts "just in case" and while I am not happy about her early exposure (not to mention the whopping doses she's been getting through me) - I agree w/Hope that better to treat than to get... even if it is only preventative...


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