Tuesday, December 26, 2006

In one fell swoop...

...the whole family went down. We're still dealing with the tail end of it. And I do mean tail end.

It started with Bigfella. Bigfella and a banana. And a Roundabout carseat. The banana that Bigfella ate 40 minutes earlier made an unexpected reappearance all over him and the carseat.

It continued as he puked out every drop of breastmilk he drank for the next 36 hours.

It spread to Dyke Two, who puked for 18 hours.

I got it next, and spent 20 hours on the pot.

Once we were all back in the land of the living, we returned home from Target, and found two little puddles, one from each end of the dog.

Eating Bigfella's puke must not have agreed with her.

This morning, my nephew, visiting from up North, began to puke. By dinner time, my mom had it.

Oh, and Bigfella went in for his fourth doctor's visit since Thanksgiving. Despite 12 days of antibiotics, and a week of waiting for it to spontaneously clear up, he has an ear infection. They gave him an injection of antibiotics. We go back on Thursday for another ear check and injection.

I looked in his mouth as he screamed after the shot. I think he has thrush...


At 9:52 AM, Blogger Lil Jimmi said...

Oh no that is such a sad story. I hope you are all feeling better soon!!


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